Crypton Exchange Is Ready For IEO

A revolutionary cryptocurrency exchange

Crypton gives its vision of another standard for digital money trade filling the hole among crypto and fiat cash while concentrating on a client’s assets, most importantly. All procedures, from innovation to framework, just as activity in the administrative field, are meant to resolve the present issues.

The project vision, mission & goals:

Crypton’s chief objective is to make the best trade for the clients at present day and to incorporate digital currencies into the conventional monetary framework.

The team are endeavoring to give everybody, who approaches the Internet and digital currency markets, with an extraordinary chance to effectively, rapidly, lawfully and dependably make purchase/sell exchanges with cryptographic money, just as trade them for fiat cash.

The project essential mission is to make one of the quickest digital money trades as far as both trade center and UI execution and to put most extreme accentuation on direct client bolster every minute of every day around the world. Direct help inside the application will be accessible for cell phones clients.

The project benefits:

  • Crypton gives exchanging expenses a few times lower than those offered by the greater part of the cryptographic money trades and here and there even pays the remainder of the charges for the enormous clients (Market Makers) utilizing pending requests. This is a special answer for the market, which brings about drawing in new players to the trade.
  • Crypton gives a complex of security frameworks including insurance of clients’ assets on chilly wallets and gives a financial dimension of assurance of data, monetary forms, and information on exchanges.
  • Crypton gives zero expenses to saving of assets into clients’ records. Additionally, every client gets a free platinum card on which he/she can pull back assets from his/her record just in a moment.
  • This is an imaginative stage, which guarantees handling up to 100,000 exchanges for every second because of specialized and exchanging divisions participation. This is multiple times higher than the quantity of exchanges handled on the existing trades these days. An open door for the further adaptability if there should be an occurrence of a sharp increment in client’s structure stream is accessible at the stage.
  • The team that trust a cryptocurrency trade should meet the merchants’ advantages, and the help administration should help them as a fulfilled client will dependably permit acquiring the trade itself. The project give to the clients day in and day out help by phone, mail or moment dispatchers, with a holding up time of close to 2 minutes.

The project product – the cryptocurrency exchange

Crypton’s essential errand is to make the most secure and most advantageous digital currency trade for clients, which unmistakable highlights are low expenses, constant help for clients just as straightforward and clear store/withdrawal/trade of digital currencies for fiat cash.

The project token

CRTX token is an indispensable piece of the Crypton trade. A holder of the CRTX token has a magnificent chance to purchase different cryptographic forms of money for them, and store/pull back them or on the other hand trade them for fiat cash whenever.

The Project Roadmap:


  • Product prototype development start
  • Exchange public test launch on May 2, 2019
  • PRE-IEO and IEO & Token listing
  • Public trading API release
  • iOS/Android apps
  • Additional order types (Loss/Profit/Trailing/Scale), Margin trading
  • Integration into all existing trading bots
  • Development strategy, which is high-frequency trading (scalping)-focused via trading APIs (note FIXAPI)


  • Merchant functionality
  • Direct SEPA deposits/withdrawals
  • Integration with VISA/MC payment systems
  • Account creation within the system, binded to a physical Visa/MC

The Project Team:

Crypton Exchange has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • George Tagirov – CEO/CTO
  • Erik Sсheidt – COO
  • Ilia Babinov – CFO
  • Oleg Yushkov – CMO
  • plus the Crypton Exchange team and advisors


  • Token: Crypton Exchange
  • Abbreviation: CRTX
  • Platform: ETH
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC
  • Total supply: 10m CRTX
  • 1 CRTX = $ 0.24

More info:

Main sale availability:

  • Pre IEO: 30.May.-30.Jun.2019
  • IEO date: 1.Aug.-15.Sep.2019

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