FAIREUM- A Fair Gambling Blockchain Network For All (1)

Hello Guys! Today we will give you informations about Faireum ICO.

Faireum is a public blockchain which focuses on the problems of the online gambling industry and resolves them with a set of protocols that provides a decentralized, low-cost, transparent and secure gambling experience.

To achieve this, Faireum uses its token and game contract to guarantee users a premium betting experience and superb services across lottery, horse-betting, sports-betting, casino games, digital games and countless more.

A smart client also works alongside Faireum’s protocols, called a Faireum node, which helps provide users with a safe, seamless and always-on experience in playing all the games they wish to play.

Basic Framework

Faireum develops its industry-level public blockchain to provide the technological basis for its platform.

The Faireum blockchain ecosystem encompasses ledger nodes, P2P networking, a virtual machine for Smart Contracts and a set of rules for token distribution, which includes token reward, payment gateway, digital asset exchange and cross-chain atomic swap.


Problems in the Gambling Industry

Tax Evasion and Money Laundering

Online gambling can often be out-of-sync with local tax mechanisms and contains money laundering risks.


Centralized systems cannot assure 100% security nor possess a high fault tolerance.

High fees

The profit model of gambling platforms makes high fees for gambling operators.

Unfair odds

Platforms stake the odds against players by tampering with the Random Number Generator (RNG) by modifying parameters.

Negative social reputation

Players have a strong feeling of uncertainty and doubt towards counterparties in live games.

Lack of Safety and Transparency

Centralized systems rarely divulge their resources to the public, making independent research difficult.

Faireum Blockchain Solutions

Faireum is a blockchain platform with an Application Programming Interface (API) that is suitable for third-party business providers to access through the consensus mechanism and the Faireum Virtual Machine (FVM). The Faireum main blockchain uses the Web Assembly (WASM) virtual machine as the default runtime for smart contracts and Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) + Delegated Proof-of-stake (DPos) as the consensus mechanism.

The random number from Faireum blockchain is not just data that can be deduced from the program. Combined with the block hash and zero-knowledge proofs, it is not possible to deduced or predict our random number generator by using an inverse. We refer to this algorithm as Zero Random Algorithm (ZRA).

In addition to ZRA algorithm, the Faireum blockchain is pre-configured with several other Random Number Generators (RNGs), including Faireum Random Digital (FRD), dedicated to digital games, Faireum Random Casino (FRC), dedicated to casino games, and a dynamic probability balance index generator, called Faireum Dynamic Betting (FDB), which is preset for real-time results such as sports quizzes.


Games on the Faireum Blockchain

A huge selection will be available on our gambling platform including both official games and the best games from our network of providers.


A lottery is a type of gambling where numbers are drawn for a prize.


Casinos accommodate a variety of gambling activities where customers can play games of chance.

Digital Games

Having achieved huge levels of popularity competitive e-sports is now considered a promising spectator sport.

Sports Betting

Sports betting involves predicting the results of a sporting event and placing a wager on the outcome.

Our applications for business

The Faireum Smart Node (FSN) is a blockchain node that runs on the user’s computer or smartphone, which can provide both wallet functionality as a client and proxy functionality as a server.

Works as a Node Service.

Works as a Client Service integration.

Provides a wallet or a game center.

Works for Smart Node Partners and as a Smart Exchange

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