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GMB is a dual-cryptocurrency based on fast speed will connect to real life.
GMB is a blockchain platform with various SPACE Dapps aimed to be used in real life.
Experience GMB’s first SPACE Dapp: TravelSpace, a blockchain-based travel community service.

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Goal of GMB Platform

Beyond the limitations of existing blockchain and cryptocurrency, we seek cryptocurrency that can be used in real life.

When making an offline payment, we seek cryptocurrency that can be used instantly without any delay.

We pursue a blockchain service platform that supports services for real-life use.

With travel being the first step, we pursue total solutions that consist of various service platforms, such as entertainment and trade.


GMB Platform consists of a Dual-Coin system called Master Coin and Branch Coin.

Master Coin acts as the key currency in GMB Platform and is a cryptocurrency with price volatility listed on the global exchange.

Branch Coin will be issued individually for each country and is a cryptocurrency with price stability that is linked to each fiat currency.

Through GMB’s Decentralized Exchange (DEX), Master Coin and Branch Coin will be exchangeable by applying the market price value and exchange rate. GMB offers services to allow you to make simple and fast exchanges.

Features of GMB

Overwhelming transaction processing speed and secure scalability

By combining a software-based blockchain with optimal hardware equipment (Mikkschain Solution), block generation time is 5 seconds and the TPS(Transaction Per Second) goal is 1 million.

POPS (Proof of Power Specification & Stake)

Hardware-based Proof of Stake Consensus Algorithm


Block Generation Participation Node + General Node = Block Generation and Compensation

[*] Block Generation Participation Node

Nodes that demonstrate optimal hardware performance is given the power to generate blocks.

[*] General Nodes

After selecting one of the block generation participation nodes, general nodes are able to participate in the block generation process using their own stakes.

Governance system

Through the Governance system, participants will be able to express their own views and decide on the future of GMB Platform, even reflect and compensate for the system. GMB Platform will operate as a transparent and democratic decision-making blockchain platform. GMB does not have a hard fork, but it uses the governance system to determine the future as a soft fork.

Objective Smart Contract

Objective Smart Contract is a new concept smart contract that makes it easy for anyone to create and use
In Objective Smart Contract, smart contracts are created by simply moving the icon with the function that you want to create.

For a specific execution, first enter the execution conditional value in the corresponding icon. When it is verified, a viable smart contract is completed.
Everyday use smart contracts built by completed smart contracts or Objective Smart Contracts can be conveniently used at any time that you wish..

Objective Smart Contracts allow smart contracts, which have been only usable by experts due to its difficulty, to be used as everyday tools in real life.

Advantages of GMB Platform


In addition to the security of anti-tampering that existing blockchains have, GMB Platform is equipped with immediate user response that cannot be implemented in other blockchains.


Our platform achieves the highest level of transaction throughput (1 million TPS) that is beyond the transaction processing speed capabilities of existing blockchain technology.


There is a problem with existing blockchains where additional services cannot be implemented at a certain point due to the increased transaction throughput compared to the initial start of the service. GMB Platform has enough guaranteed scalability due to the overwhelming transaction processing speed.


GMB Platform will apply SPACE Dapps in a variety of business areas. As a first step, try using our own travel community service, TravelSpace (GMB Dapp).

We apply the concept of ‘profitable travel’ in the concept of ‘expenditure travel.’

Those who prepare for travel need accurate and various information about their travel destinations. Provide future travelers with the necessary information and receive rewards with GMB Coin. Upload your travelog, photos, videos, travel information, etc. as travel content to organize an efficient community service.

Decentralized System

Try using global travel service industries, where advantages or penalties are applied depending on the verification and reviews, directly at TravelSpace. GMB is a decentralized platform using blockchain technology, unlike existing centralized platforms, that effectively improved the inefficient expenditure structure.

Simple and Fast Exchange System

GMB DEX, our own exchange, allows you to exchange Master Coin and Branch Coin used on the GMB Platform, and make simple and fast payments. GMB DEX supports various service platforms.

Thank you.

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