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GMB is an acronym for Gold Master & Branch.
GMB consists of Dual-Coins called Master Coin and Branch Coin. Master Coin is used as the key currency in GMB Platform, while Branch Coin is a separate cryptocurrency that is usable as regular money similar to the individual fiat currency of each country. GMB aims to develop cryptocurrency that can be used in real life.


GMB is not just an ordinary Dapp service implementing one business. GMB aims to be the type of blockchain platform, similar to Ethereum, EOS, and Qtum, that will allow multiple Dapps to be useable.

In order to make this possible, we dramatically improved our transaction processing speed. The overwhelming transaction processing speed of 1 million TPS solves the problem of real-time data processing and service scalability, which are two main problems of existing cryptocurrency.

In addition to these technical problems, we will solve the cryptocurrency’s problem of value variability, which is a big factor that makes it difficult to use as real money, by applying the use of our Dual-Coin system called Master & Branch Coin to realize the cryptocurrency that can be used in real life.

You will be able to find GMB’s progress through TravelSpace, a travel community service that serves as Our Dapp.



The total supply volume of GMB Coin is 10 billion.

Out of the total, 5 billion are swapped for tokens issued for the ICO and will be pre-mined for system operation and compensation, and the remaining 5 billion are mined according to certain regulations when blocks are generated in their own blockchain systems as GMB Platform is being operated. (Please refer to the White Paper for coin distribution during pre-mining and coin mining for block generation.)

GMB does not issue coins in a bulk similar to other Dapp services. The reason why GMB Coin is created through mining is because we do not create tokens using Ethereum or EOS. Instead, the platform coins are mined through our own blockchain Mainnet. In the case of a platform having its own blockchain, many nodes are required to maintain the blockchain system in a stable manner. In order to induce the participation of nodes, coin compensation, in other words mining, is required according to block generation.

GMB is a ‘coin’ with its own independent blockchain network.


GMB will overcome the technical limitations of existing blockchains by increasing the speed with software solutions. To do this, we will combine software and hardware with our own technology called Mikkschain.

POPS is an acronym for “Proof of Power Specification & Stake,” which is a means of Mikkschain-based equity verification consensus algorithm. It allows anyone to participate in the consensus process through the equity participation method of making their own shares participate in the block generation node.



You can participate in the GMB Token Sale by transferring Ethereum (over 1 ETH) from your Ethereum Personal Wallet to the GMB Token Sale Ethereum Wallet. Once the transfer has been confirmed, you will receive a GMB Token in the Personal Wallet in which you transferred your Ethereum with. (Please note that the GMB Token will only be sent to the confirmed Ethereum Wallet, so be sure to enter in the wallet address in ‘My Page’ located in the Login page. Once you enter in the Ethereum Wallet Address, it will NOT be possible to edit.)

If you do not have Ethereum in your Personal Wallet, you should either receive it from someone else or purchase Ethereum from an exchange after sign up and send it to your Personal Wallet.

Personal Wallet must be an “ERC20 Standard Compatible Personal Wallet.” It is NOT possible to use Exchange Wallets, so please do not sent currency directly from Exchange Wallets. (Acceptable Wallets: MyEtherWallet, Metamask, Mist, etc.)

You must proceed with the above statements after signing up at the GMB site, completion of KYC Registration, and KYC approval.

After receiving a GMB Token, you can register for your custom token in your Personal Wallet to confirm whether the token was paid or not. You are able to check some Personal Wallets, such as imToken, without custom token registration.

The information needed to register your custom token is shown below.
– Name (Token Name): GMB
– Token Contract Address: 0x1d464ac5e046e5fe280c9588edf8eb681b07008f
– Token Symbol: GMB
– Decimals Places: 18

You can download a detailed guide file from the “KYC Verification” Page (Registration Required).


Thank you.

Cevap Ver

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