Guider Travel Review

Direct contact the traveler with a guide on the principle of Uber!

Demand: simple peer-to-peer connection guides and travelers

● No intermediaries betweenthe guide and the tourist;

● No fake reviews and high level trust to system by transparent blockchain platform;

● Save time for searching guides and reading reviews by self-learning network for personal recommendations.

How it works now on MVP ?

● User comes to site or android app Guider;

● Read biography of private guide and look photos from excursions;

● Booking guide hours or author excursion by credit card only;

● After excursion, if all ok, guide get its money without platform commission. How it will works in future?

● User comes to site or android/ios app Guider;

● System matches user meta-data in a partners big data, gets his relevant information, Guider matches this information by look-a-like with tourists in a past and recommend guides with high level rating by this tourists;

● Booking forms smart-contract supports with fiat money and Guider tokens;

● After excursion, smart-contract finishing and guide’s history writes to blockchain.

Business rivals Free ad boards, forums and tourist catalogs with paid subscription for guides: avito,,,,,,,

Direct rivals of the MVP:,,,,

Travel agencies and excursion shops:,,,, (raised $75 million recent round), (raised $60 million recent round)


GDR – utility token. Token sale hardcap is 7000 ETH and consist Investment amount for project implementation and budget for listings and token market making. Tokens will be used directly on the platform for the purchase of project comission and. services on special conditions. Tokens that spent on platform will be burned, thereby reducing the number of tokens being in free circulation, which leads to an increase in their value on the exchange. Additional release of tokens it not possible. Further investments for increasing market coverage will be attracted via STO or VC. Investments for achiveing full Guider world market potencial (with medium marketing) that is 0.41% of the world market of online tours and guides booking are expected in 20M usd.


Tokensale landing page: Guider’s MVP: Contact mail: Founder: Leo Nechai is creator of the first and largest systems of popunder advertising and rich-media in Runet, co-owner of banner networks and traffic direction system. Co-founder platform for the sale and distribution of digital content and mobile subscriptions exchange. Co-founder of several affiliate СРА-marketing programs. Co-founder and operator of SMS-billing system. Have a great experience in performance and media product promotion. Expert in programmatic advertising systems. Supervised the development and design team.

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