ICHIBA- Fundraising and Crowdfunding on Blockchain (1)

Ichiba is a blockchain-based, crowdfunding decentralized platform which uses smart contract technology to create a seamless, efficient way to raise money for new fundraising campaigns. Fundraising campaigns are used to help support entrepreneurs and leaders on their quest to see their innovative projects fully funded. Ichiba vets every project on its platform, ensuring they are legitimate and up to industry standards as deemed by the Ichiba team.

The opportunity 

The ICO, crowdfunding and crowdinvesting markets continue to show strong volume growth.

$6.2 billion Funds raised 2018 year to date 

$7.1 billion Completed Campaigns 2017 870 Completed Campaigns 2018 year to date 1150 Funds raised 2017 

$6.4 billion Funds raised 2018 year to date 

$9.3 billion Completed Campaigns 2017 6700 Completed Campaigns 2018 year to date

But — for project champions and funders/investors — this landscape is still the “Wild West”.

For project champions

Insufficient funds Most campaigns fail to raise sufficient funds to complete the underlying projects, and so the projects fail (e.g. the majority of ICOs raise less than $500,000, with a large proportion of these raising less than $100,000).

Initial high investment 

High fees to advisors and initial project backers erode the raised funds before they can be applied to the underlying project.

Failed projects 

A failed project damages the reputation of the project champion

For funders/investors


Too many scammers with halfbaked business models. 

Fraudulent marketing 

Too many unscrupulous advisers riding the “let’s-get-rich-quick” wave. 

Issued coins failing 

In the ICO case, too many issued coins failing to achieve an exchange listing (so, ICO funders’ holdings remain illiquid).

Ichiba’s Vision

A kickstarted blockchain-based platform for all projects

 ◦ ICO

 ◦ Crowdfunding

 ◦ Crowdinvesting

Project champions Will use Ichiba to launch campaigns to fundraise for their projects (funded with [ETH]).

Funders & investors Will use Ichiba to learn about and support projects by funding them with [ETH].

Other users Will be able to offer services as moderators, advisors.

Ichiba will retain stakes in each ICO launched on the platform:

To share in upside from the ongoing technological revolution that is Blockchain.

To align Ichiba’s long-term interests with those of investee projects, and those of ICO funders: Ichiba’s crypto stake portfolio will be managed by the Ichiba Fund, with holders of ICHIBA COIN determining its governance.

. ▪ To reach efficiently as many potential funders/ investors as possible. Marketing outreach: ▪ To ensure a larger share of raised funds actually reaches the underlying project. Competive fee structure: Technical solutions for ICO campaigns, including: ▪ Smart contracts, ▪ a Bancor protocol mechanism to enhance initial liquidity of newly-issued tokens as an alternative to an exchange listing, and ▪ Maximize chances of a successful campaign. 

Benefits for funders/investors

Ichiba will provide funders/investors with a steady pipeline of quality opportunities for funding or investment. 

Each completed funding will result in participating funders/investors also receiving ICHIBA COIN (in addition to any tokens received in the funded ICO projects, for example).

Projects and project champions will be pre-vetted by Ichiba. 

Ichiba’s standardized, high quality processes will provide funders/ investors with comfort that KYC and AML requirements are being met by all investee projects.