The Javvy Protocol

The Javvy Protocol serves as the underlying processes by which Javvy works quickly and effectively to provide ID Verification, an automated cross-currency exchange, and liquidity for cryptocurrency/token order fulfillment.

Tremendous strides have been made to advance cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges into the exciting and disruptive industry that it is today. Yet, the desire remains for a user-focused experience to buy, sell, and use cryptocurrencies in a safe, convenient, and reliable application. This is the Javvy Solution. Javvy is the full integration of a universal wallet connected to numerous exchanges presently available to the cryptocurrency market. It eliminates the need for multiple accounts and applications while taking advantage of their respective benefits. Along with our simple and fast process for user registration and verification, Javvy brings confidence and clarity to the user as cryptocurrencies approach mass adoption. We provide all the tools necessary to securely store, use, and invest in cryptocurrency. This document details the full vision of the Javvy Solution. Our ICO will finance the ongoing development of features to bring the Javvy Wallet from version 1.0, currently available online, into the full vision outlined in this whitepaper.



The Javvy Solution: Free Javvy Wallet + Javvy Distributed Exchange The Idea Is Simple: To build an easy, intuitive, feature-rich and fully-functional cryptocurrency wallet. The Javvy team has the specialized expertise and experience required to build the ideal crypto wallet for everyone. Provides Convenient Buy and Sell Options Inside the Wallet

  • Simplifies the experience of cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Supports use of FIAT (national currency) to buy and sell cryptos/tokens
  • Complies with financial regulations across all regions
  • ID Verification (when absolutely required) process tailored for ease-of-use
  • Citizens of over 170 countries will enjoy nearly instant identity verification
  • Removes the security risk of web-based exchanges [39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 16] Supports Many Cryptocurrencies, Not Just Bitcoin
  • Initially supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the Javvy token • After funding, will add up to the top 500 coins and top 50+ vetted tokens Supports Many Payment Methods
  • Pay with pre-paid debit card
  •  Pay by eCheck (adds 3% fee but settles in 1 day), or bank transfer (ACH or Wire, adds 3–5 days delay)


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