KAASY AI or Knowledge as a Service Blockchain is a decentralized system that intends to give a foundation to the democratization of their worldwide AI-PC framework. The system of cutting edge depends on an abilities situated framework that capacities on the stage’s equipment that is additionally being used for digital money mining. KAAS AI is hoping to focus on the making of an open-source learning blockchain in view of an AI-environment with its money.


Today, thousands of computer systems are being used for mining cryptocurrencies, but neither the GPUs nor the other components of the rigs were built specifically for that purpose. Because of this, many of the resources available of those systems are left underutilized.


KAASY.AI is a platform that aims to help you make better use of your computer. KAASY.AI wants to create a publicly-available knowledge blockchain, wrapped in an ecosystem with its own currency, where users can execute both asynchronous and synchronous tasks using their terminal of choice. The open-source code can be forked to create private knowledge blockchains, for tasks which may involve privacy concerns and other data restrictions.




Kaasy don’t just want to build a new blockchain for a privately-owned AI, they are driving forward the community into new AI development endeavors, new opportunities, new public and private businesses, and a much better chance at a great future where humans and AIs collaborate and thrive together. We intend to develop an ecosystem of open-source and commercial applications which will create thousands of high-salary jobs in the next 5 to 10 years in companies all around the world. These companies will capitalize on the opportunity AI is today, creating better products, faster and potentially cheaper. We desire to construct the early building blocks for the Earth AGI. This may well be in the three most important developments of the early third millennium, alongside bioengineering and becoming a multi-planetary species.

Tokens pricing & values

Token distribution

60% — Investors

15% — Founding Team & Advisors

7.5% — Marketing & Public AI Awareness Projects

5% — Fund for University Grants

5% — Reserved as Skill Rewards

4.5% — Hackathons and Bug Bounty Programs

3% Legal Fees & Backup Fund



Website: https://kaasy.ai/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KaasyAI/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/KaasyAi
Telegram: https://t.me/kaasy

Whitepaper: http://icoinform.com/uploads/pdf/577067c5507a19eeee82b23bd95081fc.pdf

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