Oracol Xor – Stimulating the Mass Adoption of Crypto

Recent technological innovation brought us modern tools such as the GPS, enabling the ridesharing and food delivery economies of Uber, Lyft and Fedora, innovations that we already take for granted. Today we are talking self-driving cars, artificial intelligence, and the prospect of colonizing Mars; once the dreams of radical futurists – now seem inevitable. And yet another frontier of technology is emerging, its prospects threatening to forever change the banking and financial services sectors.

While it remains relatively unknown to the majority, who remain generally unaware of its existence, this is changing rapidly as entrepreneurs and visionaries seek its rapid adoption. To realize the magnitude of the change that is unraveling before us, it is worth remembering how email disrupted the postal service, a service we now aptly call snail mail. While the post remains relevant for certainly limited use-cases, such as sending official material documents and packages, its use for everyday communication has rapidly diminished. In exactly the same way, Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are igniting a true financial revolution, disrupting the way financial transactions are being conducted all over the world.

Looking for the next wave

Today crypto investors continue to search for the next Bitcoin, Verge, and Eos, or they focus their search for investment opportunities delivering exponential earnings growth over long periods of time. The search continues for new concepts, ideas or platforms that have global scope and massive expansionary potential. If you are a crypto investor or if you represent a company that is looking to invest, look no further: YOUR SEARCH IS OVER! We are proud to introduce the Oracol Xor Crypto Platform!

The platform is in its 2nd year of development and its goal is to stimulate mass adoption of crypto through its gateway currency, the XOR and appealing to the grass root level and less technologically inclined demographic layers of the society by using popular methods of distribution.

By developing its own innovative platform components such as its own social network that will make use of the XOR (ORACOL WORLD) or integrating it into Trading exchanges and last but not least monetizing an Open Press Global News Platform platform such as Newz.App, Oracol Xor platform is constantly pushing the boundaries and expands its network of influence, creating an XOR denominated economy that will include a worldwide distribution network for its Xor denominated currency cards and POS solutions.

Oracol Xor for mobile

Finally, the platform will integrate mobile phone payments for users in areas without data coverage, unlocking a market of over 3 billion people who live with tenuous access to reliable data via a DATALESS browser that will support the XOR blockchain. The team behind Oracol Xor Platform has already created and keeps developing an impressive infrastructure that demonstrates the Long Term commitment to the project and its goals ( Windows and Android wallets and IOS to be released within a month, blockchain explorer, mining pool, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, exchange integration, social media and news platform integration and upcoming payments acceptance for short term rentals and ATM developments).

If you are a seasoned investor or if you want to participate and fund this project we encourage you to contact their team at info@oracol.mobi

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