Hello guys. Today i will give you some informations for Poseidon project.

The Poseidon Foundation is a nonprofit which seeks out and develops revolutionary solutions to stop climate change and regenerate our environment. We focus on creating immediate impact, because the damage our growth-based economic and social systems have inflicted on our planet over the past decades and that they still inflict daily cannot wait on long-term solutions.



Step 1 in our global effort to save the planet is the reduceplatform. This solution draws its power from conserving rainforests — and has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from carbon dioxide an amazing 20%. reduce is the first solution in the world that links day-to-day consumer routines to carbon credits, the asset used around the world to balance CO2 emissions.

With reduce, every purchase you make online or in a store can support rainforest conservation. This extraordinary ability is only made possible by combining blockchain and AI.


A liveable future starts with you — and Poseidon’s “reduce” platform

reduce uses these two technologies to empower you to reduce the climate impact of any product you purchase by making micro-donations towards carbon credits. A pair of shoes, for example, can be made climate positive with just a few cents.

And the best part? reduce lets you see — in real time — where and what impact your micro-donation makes. It’s a transparent, fast and effective solution. And it’s needed now more than ever.


Greenhouse gas emissions are still rising.

In December 2015, 195 countries agreed to cut global greenhouse gas emissions 40% in 15 years. The goal? To stop runaway climate change. Runaway climate change means our generation will see meters of sea level rise, mass migrations of hundreds of millions of climate change refugees, and devastating mass extinctions — in the Amazon alone, 60% of all species are predicted to go extinct by 2080. But society is not changing fast enough, and the problem is getting worse.



The Poseidon Foundation is gathering donations from every corner of the globe to save our planet and our civilization. We are putting your trust along with our passion to work on solutions that empower people — all 7.4 billion of us — to collectively engage in extraordinary climate action, effortlessly, in every waking minute. We can’t change society today…but we can develop tools that integrate seamlessly into our lives and transform the climate impacts of our everyday decisions into significantly positive climate action.


Want to be part of it?

Because part of our solution relies on blockchain, we’re raising money through a series of fundraisers known as ‘token sales.’ The funds we raise in these token sales are used almost exclusively to invest in rainforest conservation, from which we source the carbon credits that fuel our revolutionary reduce platform. To learn more, read our white paper.

Our fundraiser features three campaigns. Our 2018 campaign already raised 2.1 million Euro, and we’ll host two more in 2019. The first of two fundraiser that we run in 2019 will run from mid-February through March will offer contributors a 20% discount on the launch price of our OCEAN token. On our platform, OCEAN tokens can be exchanged by their holder for carbon credits and are a crucial part of the reduce system.

Our second 2019 fundraiser will be held during the month of June, and will offer a 5% discount.



Poseidon Foundation
Registration Number: LPF-274
Charity Number: VO / 1539

Ewropa Business Centre
Dun Karm Street
Birkirkara, BKR 9034

Poseidon is located in Malta, among an extraordinary community of blockchain innovators and entrepreneurs.



Telegram: https://t.me/PoseidonFoundationOfficial

Thank you.

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