Hello Guys. Yesterday, i wrote about Poseidon project and you can see this from https://siberekonomi.com/poseidonico/ . Today i will tell you about the CEO of Poseidon and Strategical Partnerships.

The Poseidon Foundation is a nonprofit which seeks out and develops revolutionary solutions to stop climate change and regenerate our environment. We focus on creating immediate impact, because the damage our growth-based economic and social systems have inflicted on our planet over the past decades and that they still inflict daily cannot wait on long-term solutions.


Laszlo Giricz Founder and CEO

Before his emergence as a leader in eco-focused blockchain technologies, Laszlo served for nearly two decades as a business and technology expert for some of the world’s largest investment banks. His clients, including JP Morgan Chase, Deutsche Bank and UBS, enjoyed the results of his ability to develop and integrate custom trading and risk management solutions that were used in some of their most critical business sectors. His experience in these arenas, coupled with his keen interests in nature, blockchain technologies and digital assets, gave birth to Poseidon: the platform revolutionizing the world’s carbon markets by lowering barriers of entry and making the trading of carbon credits accessible. Laszlo’s goal is to allow anyone, from governments to retail consumers, to safely and effi ciently access the carbon markets and take control of their climate impact.



Without these amazing strategic partners, successes like the pilot with Ben & Jerry’s that was launched only 8 months after the announcement of Poseidon would not have been possible.

Ecosphere+ selects and manages a portfolio of projects that protect forests around the world. Their mission is to grow the global demand for carbon reductions, creating an incentive to prevent the destruction of critical ecological systems. Through its projects in vulnerable ecological zones, Ecosphere+ will source and supply carbon credits to Poseidon and help market these digital solutions, enabling clients to become climate positive.

CBL Markets operates a global exchange platform that focuses on spot energy, environmental and other soft commodities. Their carbon credit expertise will ensure that Poseidon’s platform integrates seamlessly with existing markets.

Stellar.org is a non-profi t organisation that created the Stellar blockchain. It enables transactions that are settled in almost real-time for fractions of a cent, in a safe and secure environment. This provides transparency for key stakeholders to verify regulatory requirements, as well as ensuring the credibility of the lifecycle of carbon credits off ered by Poseidon. Stellar is one of the most environmentally friendly blockchain platforms with an energy footprint that is an order of magnitude smaller than even that of credit card payment solutions.



Beyond, previously known as Krowd Mentor, is a pioneering strategic advisory fi rm in the blockchain space that has built exchanges on three continents, grew a global community of crypto funds and investors under the Blockchain Investors Consortium (BIC) and partnered with more than 40 blockchain projects, including EOS, Bancor and the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange. Beyond partnered with projects that have reached a combined market cap of greater than $17 billion, earned accolades and achieved results on a global scale. Beyond expanded its capabilities to go beyond strategic advisory and is now a full-service, 360º partner in strategy, development and execution.

6point6 is a technology consultancy that helped turn the concepts developed by Poseidon into software solutions that use advanced technologies like the Stellar blockchain and Amazon Web Services, enabling Poseidon to integrate the reduce platform into day to day shopping experiences, including the fi rst deployment at Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Store in London’s Soho.

With extensive experience in the legal fi eld of blockchain technology, MME ensure that Poseidon navigate the complex and everchanging landscape of global rules and regulations. Having worked with various governments and with an extensive network of global partners, MME helped Poseidon create a token model that can stand the test of time and a legal framework that allows Poseidon to cater for the needs of clients around the world.

Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) is an innovative car manufacturer that has earned a reputation for using free thinking to develop cutting-edge solutions within the transportation fi eld. BAC brings decades of experience in the transportation industry to Poseidon and will work on creating environmentally friendly technologies that will create real-world transportation solutions for a growingly mobile world. In collaboration with Poseidon, BAC has recently become the world’s fi rst climate positive car manufacturer.

Liverpool City Council (LCC) is a forward-thinking local government that has a history in environmentally friendly policies and actions. Through their major stakes in the city’s transportation infrastructure, LCC is working on integrating Poseidon’s revolutionary platform into, for example, Liverpool’s airport, cruise terminal and public transportation as part of its bid to become the fi rst climate positive city in the world.



Poseidon Foundation
Registration Number: LPF-274
Charity Number: VO / 1539

Ewropa Business Centre
Dun Karm Street
Birkirkara, BKR 9034

Poseidon is located in Malta, among an extraordinary community of blockchain innovators and entrepreneurs.

Telegram: https://t.me/PoseidonFoundationOfficial

Thank you.

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