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Hello Guys; we continue to talk about Uptherium ICO. We will review the solutions of the Uptherium about Crypto and the Uptherium Ecosystem today.

Growing App Ecosystem

Because every ambitious project needs a durable foundation

We are starting with 5 key crypto services that solve five of the big challenges– a reliable way to get actionable news, a powerful crypto trading hub, our own token swap exchange, an easy way to pay with crypto, and our UPZ token to power affordable transactions.

Earn/Spend Rewards Daily

Because you deserve to be rewarded for your actions

Earn crypto by using Uptherium. How? By verifying transactions through the Proof of Stake protocol (PoS), spreading the word through Proof of Action (PoA) and through our exclusive revenue sharing programs.

Rising Global Community

Because tech doesn’t need borders

Like the blockchain that powers it, Uptherium is a global project. Our apps are designed to help you use crypto no matter where you live or where your travels take you. Our community is growing, its a movement with great possibilities.

Become an Insider

Because we want to bring you the best ideas

You won’t just benefit from our expertise but from our new developers, partners and advisors as well. We’re working with entrepreneurs and developers on-boarding new projects, sharing ideas and building solutions that serve a global market. Have an idea? Reach out to us!

Voting Rights

Because this is your project too

Uptherium is the platform that grows with you. You’ll get a vote on which projects we develop next and add to the platform to make your user experience better. With Uptherium you have a voice.

Low Transaction Fees

Because you shouldn’t have to pay extra

The UPZ token powers all the transactions on Uptherium. It’s designed with fast settlement times and low transaction fees in mind.


UPTHERIUM Growth Model

How We Expand The Hub

Each Uptherium app is designed to cooperate with the rest of the network and create a seamless experience. That’s why we’ve developed a thorough vetting process for each app that gets added to the network. We bootstrap new app projects with developers and creative talents bringing the best, brightest, truly useful apps to you.

This is how we also give you an opportunity to be an insider with early participation in upcoming projects. Now, you can stake out new opportunities before they hit the market.

Here’s how it works.


Our Difference:

Before we share our difference, make note that quite a few blockchain startups get it wrong with a weak singular product, service or aim that they hope works out and most crypto users have more than 5 different places they have to go to manage their crypto. Uptherium puts a stop to that and brings it all together by simplifying crypto for all, making the whole crypto experience much easier, engaging the voice of the community for better apps they want to see, and building reward economies around each app solution making sure we all share in the revenue even the from the apps you may not use. Our core 5 apps support the ecosystem making us strong.

  • Joobra.com
  • MyTokenSwap
  • UptheriumPay
  • Ryze Alerts
  • UPZ Token

Our Master Plan:

Building relationships are our superpower!

Here’s the big picture! We’re bringing forth apps created expertly, that solve problems in healthcare, banking, big tech, and media. This is just the start!

Together we can build stronger projects on a single platform designed for growth. A platform that doesn’t depend on the whims of Bitcoin but rather has a strong economy of it’s own.



For more information, you can visit https://uptherium.io/ and read the details.

Thank you.

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